Get Buy-In

The Get Buy-In Formula™ is a formula dedicated to helping people learn to get buy-in with people in their day-to-day and business lives.  Addressing the huge need for people to “move the action forward” by gaining more agreement, getting more yeses, and getting more buy-in, the “Get Buy-In Formula™” provides training, tools, materials, coaching, seminars, workshops, online support, and a forum for learning and practicing.  There are three key influences in the formula: Attitude, Process, and Skills.

Our mission is to reduce the friction and resistance that occurs when people attempt to be and work together. We are committed to teaching people how to increase their “ease and flow” for high performance.  Whether in pairs or teams, people experience more joy, harmony, care, appreciation, cooperation, collaboration, action, and results through the right Attitude, Process, and Skills of Getting Buy-In™.

It is more “buy-in” with people that the world needs, not disagreement, arguing, resistance, fighting, and other non-productive ways of being with each other.  More buy-in leads to higher performance.  High performance is always associated with people working well together.  High performance helps everyone be more effective, more able, and more successful. Applying the Get Buy-In Formula™ is the best way to create and demonstrate high performance.

Come join us in our cause to learn how to get more buy-in with each other, teams, communities, and the world.  The benefits are huge and measurable and lead to well-being. Participate with us.  Support the cause to “Get Buy-In™.”  You matter. Your willingness to share and practice getting buy-in makes a difference to the world.  Learn how. Start with you!  We’ll help you by teaching you, coaching you, providing you with ideas and support, and including you in a community committed to getting buy-in using the Get Buy-In Formula™!

Start learning how to get buy-in and improve your relationships and work results!